Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Getting a New Roof

Back in 2018, Generation X-ers and baby boomers made up 81% of all homeowners who were renovating their homes. Today, the home improvement sector is one of the largest ones, as many individuals turn to improving and expanding their existing dwellings. When it comes to getting a new roof, there are some questions that you should ask the potential roofers. Let’s delve into some questions you want to ask before receiving that brand-new roof.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

The roofers you interview to replace your roof should have no issue sharing how long they have been in business. Picking a roofer doesn’t have to be a stressful or difficult ordeal. As your Maryland roofing company, we are a family-owned business with the experience you need for a quality, durable, sustainable, and strong new roof. Feel free to ask about our experience and our expertise when it comes to providing your home with a new roof.

Will Someone From the Company Be Present During the Roof Replacement?

Another question that’s important to ask is if there will be a company representative on-site for the replacement of your new roof. Roofers are skilled laborers but there should always be someone from the company who is on hand to answer questions.

Being your experienced Maryland home improvement and roofing company, our company’s founder can be found during each of our home maintenance tasks. Whether it’s a gutter replacement, siding replacement, window replacement, or new roofing installation, we pride ourselves on being a roofing and home improvement business that works to exceed your expectations.

Will My Roof Come With a Warranty?

An additional question that you want to ask roofers before they begin any roofing work on your home is whether your new roof will come with a warranty. As a homeowner, you want safeguards in place in the event there is an issue.

Thankfully, all of our roofs come with a 10-year warranty. In fact, we provide a warranty on all work that we perform on your home. So, if you find an issue or something is not to your satisfaction, simply call us so that we can remedy the issue fast.

Can I Receive a Free Estimate Before Any Work Begins?

Before roofers begin tearing off that old roof and replacing it with a new one, you want to be able to see what that new roof will cost. Your roofing and home improvement company should be able to share an estimate of costs with you so that you can do some comparative shopping and see the exact amount that your new roof will cost you.

Your Maryland roofing company offers you free estimates as well as a complete and comprehensive inspection of your old roof.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

In addition to that new roof, you may be in need of other new assets for your home. So, be sure to inquire about additional services that your roofing and home improvement company may offer. Your Maryland roofing company not only offers new roof installation, but we also offer new gutters, new siding solutions, window replacement, and other home improvement services that you may be in need of.

Do You Have Images or Photos of Completed Projects?

Quality roofers and roofing companies should always have a gallery or a portfolio of images that showcase their previous roofing and home improvement work. You want to see images of finished work so that you can gather thoughts and ideas about the home improvements that are needed for your home. You also what to see the kind of work that your roofers do for other homes.

For the best Maryland home improvement contractor that stands ready to help you improve your home, connect with us today. We look forward to helping you create a home you’ll love for years to come with quality home improvements.